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Manage your corporate identity from one central location

Copy and paste standard texts over and over again? Implement a change in corporate identity manually, one by one, in all kinds of documents? With xential that's a thing of the past.

  • Save time
  • Avoid errors
  • One-time entry, multiple use

Copy and paste standard texts over and over again? Many employees still unnecessarily lose time performing these kinds of tasks.

With xential this is a thing of the past. With our software you manage text components and corporate identities centrally, in one place. With xential you create documents according to a template, which an administrator creates once. Users fill in data with the help of a simple questionnaire. This data is automatically processed in the document, according to predefined formats.

Performing a change in corporate identity in all kinds of documents, one by one, is no longer necessary with xential. With our software you can manage several corporate identities centrally, if necessary. So from now on you can change that logo or an address in no time!

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The template management within xential is set up in such a way, that all common activities can be done by your own administrators. Maintaining one or more corporate identities, setting up standard text blocks, or designing an easy to use questionnaire: it's all easy to realize with xential.

In short: managing templates and corporate identities with xential saves time, drastically reduces the fault margin and increases the quality of the documents that leave your organisation.


Don't just believe us like that...

Teams all over Europe use xential every day.
This is what they say:

Anita Potters CVA 6236

Anita Potters

Information architect and product manager

"At xential they show that they are open to implementing new developments."

ABAB Frido Affourtit uitsnede

Frido Affourtit

Manager ICT

"We see more benefits every day. We are enthusiastic about the application and the possibilities."


Matthias Welp-Dasenbrock

Teamlead Process and Project Management

"Currently, we are considering expanding the scope of use of xential!"


Enrico Lück

DMS- und Xential-Administrator

„Mich begeistert xential weil: Modulare und einfach zu wartende Vorlagen dadurch sehr gut umzusetzen sind. Zudem lassen sich damit barrierefreie Vorlagen erstellen. Auch der Kundensupport begeistert mich wegen der schnellen Reaktionszeit stets aufs Neue!“