Document creation without limitations

Document creation without limitations

Meet xential, the innovative document generator. Xential enables you to create and automatically archive documents completely your way, based on self-maintained templates.


custom document creation

How do I make perfect documents with the right content? Xential is the solution for creating perfect documents. Quick and easy to use and manage. With xential, your templates are available always and everywhere, regardless of the word processor you are using. Information available in the organisation is automatically placed in the correct location. The live preview will show what your document will look like, changes will immediately be updated based on your selections and answers. The chance of errors is therefore minimal. Xential is fully web-based, so log in wherever and whenever you want.
That's up-to-date documentcreation!

Xential provides people with a simple and easy-to-use document creation solution. For both companies and government organisations this means a huge increase in efficiency. Standardized documents deliver substantial savings. We do this by carefully listening to your wishes, by creating standard tailor-made solutions and of course by thinking with you. Practical and with a fresh, expert look.

As one of our customers expressed it strikingly: "You are a partner. And that's more than a supplier ".

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Imagine: you want to work efficiently but also want to maintain the company's high quality. Switch programs easily and start creating documents the way you want them to be. Modifications are easily done and xential does not require any programming skills.

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Live preview

What you see is what you get. The function of switching from the manager’s side to the client’s side allows you to see the result without logging out. Adjustments and modifications are visible and you can even fill in the variables to check if your document is ready for use.

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You will no longer need to search for specific documents. Xential not only creates your documents perfectly, it also ensures documents are saved automatically and unambiguously in the storage system of your liking.

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